Youth Ministry Degree: How to apply this to a career

A Youth Ministry Degree is a specialized area of ministry that focuses on developing the faith of younger generations. 

Young people are essential to the growth of God's kingdom and building of churches. Youth ministry is real ministry, filled with teaching, counseling, leadership development, and most of the other challenges and blessings other areas of ministry enjoy. However, it is important to recognize that it is different than general ministry and it takes people who can relate to younger people in order to help them develop into life-long Christians. 

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youth minister coordinates time with children and teens for the purposes of worship, hands-2274254_1280education, volunteer work and community outreach. Additionally, they may lead and serve within various church programs, high schools, and activities, such as children's care or Bible study classes.

Great Lakes offers an online Youth Ministry Major that will prepare students to minister to children and teenagers in both the church and the world. You will will participate in academic courses, practical courses and field experiences, as well as a seminar presented by leading youth ministers from the field.

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In addition to our online program, we also recommend that in order to be the best youth minister you can be, you also:

1. Spend time regularly with adolescents and teens. 

2. Attend several youth ministry events at local churches or community events.

3. Seek out a Youth Minister mentor who you relate well with and be mentored. 

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What Will You Learn in our Youth Ministry Degree?

Graduates completing this degree will be able to:younger ministers

  • Develop a theological, psychological, and pastoral approach to working with children and teens
  • Present Scripture in a relevant manner for children and youth
  • Function effectively at an entry level in multi-staff churches or other ministries
  • Adequately lead and manage a ministry to children and teens in the local church
  • Develop worship and educational programs for children and teens
  • Serve in para-church ministries related to children and teens, e.g. church camps

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