Millennials and God: The Benefits of Millennials Attending an Institution Focused on Christian Higher Education

by Emily Elizabeth Smith, Great Lakes Junior 

Pew Research Center documents that millennials are the least outwardly religious American generation: the millennial attitude towards God is changing.

The millennial mindset has been heavily influenced by issues such as:

  • environmental destruction
  • obsession with materialism
  • toxic social structures and relationships
  • oppressive governments
  • the takeover of big corporations.
Christian Colleges have the responsibility of becoming places of refuge for those looking to rise above the flesh and into a community representing God’s kingdom.

Many secular colleges and universities are first-rate when it comes to academics. What, therefore, distinguishes a Christian institution? Although many secular institutions can provide a solid foundation for educational growth, the absence of a Christian environment can add tension to a blossoming spiritual lifestyle.

Christian Colleges Provide the Deeper Life Meaning that Millennials are Seeking

Being engrossed in a God-centered educational institution can make all the difference in such a pivotal time in a millennial’s life. While studying your chosen major, you’ll learn more about how each subject not only aligns with your career goals, but your Christian values as well. The campus and class sizes tend to be smaller and more intimate which allows for more personal relationships with professors and classmates. Being able to explore and share your faith allows you to live out your call from God by engaging with fellow brothers and sisters that also live in His love.

Now, this is not to suggest that a Christian institution isolates itself from the rest of the world. Another aspect of God’s calling for His people includes engaging with the rest of society, with people of all faiths and backgrounds, and the rest of the world.

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Jesus Christ calls his disciples to love one another, and this truth anchors the fundamentals of higher Christian education. Young Christian millennials often sacrifice their Christian values for the sake of being relevant to the world. Obtaining the skills and assets taught in a Christian institution allows students to enter into society with confidence and a grounded mind that is set on delivering the message of God to others.

“I don’t need theology, I just need Jesus.” With this statement, Christian blogger John Wesley Reid is explaining a common millennial misconception of Christian institutions. Our desire to know Him (theology) should be an implication for our love for Him. When theology is neglected, Christian millennials are tempted to conform to weak cultural ideas and flawed scriptural interpretation such as “The Bible says not to judge, so don’t tell me that I shouldn’t do this or that.” A relationship with God that is rooted in true Christian theology allows one to see just how much Jesus wants for the lives of his followers.

“Millennials are rethinking most of the institutions that arbitrate life, from marriage and media, to government and church,” says Kinnaman, the author of You Lost Me and unChristian. “They have grown up in a culture and among peers who are often neutral or resistant to the gospel.” Millennials are craving a depth for life and a meaning for their place in this world—this is what a Christian institution is able to give.

Do you feel like your college experience should have a deeper life meaning? 

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Emily Elizabeth Smith is a twenty-one-year-old college student attending Great Lakes Christian College where she is double majoring in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication and Bible Theology. She previously attended Alma College and Lansing Community College but decided to transfer to Great Lakes to immerse herself in an environment where she can mature in her faith and build personal, lifelong relationships with her professors and peers. She is a strong writer winning various awards throughout her schooling career such as the campus-wide poetry contest at Alma College. Emily’s plans after her time at Great Lakes are to use her invaluable skills to serve as a Kingdom representative of God and invest herself in enabling others to do their best, allowing communicative teamwork to move her into the professional workforce.