What is the Benefit of Christian Counseling?

Jaelynby Jaelynn Vert, Great Lakes Christian College Student



First.  What is counseling really all about?

Counseling is a profession that helps people face life’s issues.  These issues can be from the past, present, or future. There are counselors who focus on categories such as marriage, family, bereavement, abuse, career, childhood, or physical and mental medical issues, etc. 

Often, these categories overlap. A patient may be dealing with multiple causes for the place they find themselves. These issues can sometimes seem big and daunting, but they can also seem small. No person is ever crazy for seeking out any kind of professional help.  Life is hard and asking for guidance is not a sign of weakness, but of faith.

It takes a great deal of humility to stop trying to do life by one’s own strength. Additionally, reaching out is what builds community. Therefore, counseling relationships can be a true paragon of what the Kingdom of God is intended to look like.

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What’s the difference?

Counseling depends a great deal on world view.  The world view of both the counselor and the patient is going to affect approach and atmosphere no matter what.  Christian counseling offers a view that is firmly connected to the good news that Jesus brings. If the patient shares in this faith, they would be able to more effectively work through whatever they are facing with the help of a brother or sister in Christ.  This kind of relationship intentionally furthers the Kingdom.

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What’s the benefit?

This is an important question whether you are seeking professional help or interested in being that help to another person.

1. Christian counseling has psychology AND scripture to back it up.

Time and time again, science proves that what we believe in scripture is true.  Christian counseling is not only based on Christian values but also has a solid foundation in science and research.  The Bible is true, and scientific discoveries continue to help counselors treat physical and mental needs as well as explain the things are happening biologically and psychologically.

2. Christian counseling looks at the long term.

Secular counselors have good intentions, but they can only be concerned about this life because that is all they believe in.  However, Christian counselors look to eternity. They can share the hope that there is life after death. Though troubles of this life hurt us deeply, there will be everlasting peace in heaven.  Jesus also offers true joy in this life. Even when we are suffering we can find comfort in his love and in the community of believers.

3. Christian counseling looks to the root.

The ultimate reason for every problem in life is sin.  Sin separates us from God and causes us to look for other things to fill that emptiness.  These things could be people or substances, such as drugs or alcohol. These things can strain relationships and affect every area of life.  Christian counselors can communicate to their patients that, by the cross, they are already forgiven for the sins that are the root of every problem in life, and work from there.


Great Lakes Christian College offers a Psychology / Counseling major and a Family Life Education major.  These programs take an extensive look at what psychology and scripture teach about life and how to live it.  Christian Counselors have unique opportunities to impact businesses, families, and individuals. Great Lakes would not only love to give you the education and foundation you need, but also be a part of your story.  If you are thinking of becoming a counselor who also has a Bible-based understanding of how sin is affecting your patients and how your counseling relationships can further the Kingdom you should seriously consider Great Lakes.  

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