What Can You Do with an Christian Leadership & Communication Degree?

Is excellent communication important to you? Do you want to inspire others toward leadership? Are you a Christian who is being led to bring the foundation of your faith into everything you do? 

Imagine how you could improve your career and your workplace with a Christian Leadership & Communications degree.

If you have been thinking about furthering your education but are hesitant due to time or funds, now might be the perfect time to dive in. 

Online programs can be completed at your own pace online from anywhere, at anytime. Our classes start every 5 weeks, so it's always a great time to begin. 

More great news, Great Lakes has LOWERED online tuition by $300 a class! 

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Our online program is perfect for people interested in rewarding careers and positions as:

  • operations manager
  • chief financial officer
  • human resources
  • manager
  • marketing specialist
  • media planner
  • public relations
  • customer service
  • school counselor
  • college admissions
  • family services
  • sales account executive
  • sales analyst
  • claims representative
  • management trainer
  • recruiter
  • minister of membership
  • minister of assimilation
  • office manager

If you think about it, communication is essential in any job for any organization. You can't go wrong by learning more about Christian leadership and communication and any organization that you apply to will see you and your skills as a huge asset. Businesses are seeking soft skills more than ever in this technology driven world. Not all employees are good communicators, but the ones that are rise to the top and stand out. This is why this type of degree, education, and skills is so important these days.

If you are looking for a way to stand out from all the other people in your field, this is an invaluable skill set. It doesn't have to take a lot of time and money either. 

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Other Online Degrees Available at Great Lakes

Our online degree programs include:

Classes start every 5 weeks and we have open enrollment. You can start anytime!

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To learn more about our accredited online classes please contact: 

Jon Jakubowski, Recruiting Director for Online Education 

Phone: 517-321-0242, ext 249

Email: jjakubowski@glcc.edu