What Can I Do With a Business Management-Nonprofit Degree?

Starting a nonprofit business, or working at one, does not mean you won't make any money. However, it usually means that the organization is in business to help people or a particular cause. Most people who go into the nonprofit sector do so because they feel extremely passionate about helping, making a difference, and sparking change.  Sounds a lot like something Jesus would do, doesn't it? 

If you are interested in business and have a desire to help people, a Business Management-Nonprofit Degree could be a great option for you. Great Lakes has on online degree for this very thing. If you'd like to learn more click below.Apply Today

Now, let's talk about the different things you can with this type of degree. 

What Can I Do With a Business Management-Nonprofit Degree?

With a nonprofit management degree, graduates can pursue any number of positions with nonprofits, including starting their own company. Keep in mind that the knowledge and skills you will gain as a Business Management-Nonprofit major in our program are transferable to for-profit companies as well. 

Some popular job titles include:

Community Outreach Coordinator

Also sometimes called community outreach specialist and oversees the planning and implementation of outreach strategies. This means they go into the community to:

  • cultivate relationships with businesses, individuals, and other relevant organizations
  • educate people about their cause
  • gain support,
  • socialite sponsorship agreements


Fundraising is essential to any nonprofit where often the majority of the funds needed to run the organization are gained through donations and grants. Fundraisers help to get donors interested in the cause. They may get donations by:

  • networking and speaking directly to people
  • organizing campaigns
  • grant writing


The title of Director is usually used and preferred in non-profits over the title of Manager or CEO.  Directors typically manage employees and volunteers and ensure that the work adheres to the mission of the entire organization. Often a large non-profit will have more than one director where each one is in charge of a specific part of the business or program. They may oversee:

  • fundraisers
  • marketing campaigns
  • special events
  • budgets
  • ongoing training

Nonprofit directors typically have at least a bachelor's degree. Many have master's or MBA degrees in nonprofit management.

Of course, these are the only three jobs in a nonprofit. Many have volunteers, interns, accountants, lawyers, and more. 

Different Types of Nonprofit Organizations

There are over 1.6 million nonprofit organizations in the United States and they are mostly categorized as tax-exempt by the IRS. 

There are 27 different types of nonprofit organizations, however, public charities, foundations, social advocacy groups, and trade or professional associations are the most common.

Public Charities

Public charities are the largest type of nonprofit with nearly 1 million registered in the United States. Some examples include food banks, museums, art groups, amateur sports, colleges, low-income housing organizations, and animal welfare organizations. Charities are typically funded through donations, government grants, or membership dues.


 Foundations are usually formed in order to fund other nonprofits. They also sponsor events and programs for awareness or education. Most foundations focus on finding worthy nonprofit organizations to support through donations and guidance. Foundations are usually established by wealthy individuals or businesses. 

Social Advocacy Groups

Social advocacy groups lobby or promote some sort of social or political effort. Funds typically come from donations or membership dues. Examples of social advocacy groups include Greenpeace, NAACP, ACLU, and the National Organization for Women. They also engage in:

  • fundraising
  • lobbying
  • educating the general public about their cause

Trade or Professional Associations

These types of nonprofits typically require membership and dues and are formed to improve business conditions for its members. Examples include business leagues, chambers of commerce, and real estate boards.

How Do I Earn a Business Management-Nonprofit Degree?

Many colleges and universities offer the nonprofit track in their business schools. Great Lakes Christian College offers a flexible and affordable option through our online degree program. Take your classes anytime from anywhere and classes start every 5 weeks!

Not only will you be following your passion to help others in the nonprofit sector you will do it following the teachings of Jesus and improving your Christian education as well. 

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