The Value of Christian College Mission Trips

How Mission Trips Add to the College Experience

High school and college students who participate in mission trips develop a higher level of intercultural sensitivity in preparation for increasingly diverse communities in the future. Our world is becoming more global all the time. International trade, the Internet, social media, worldwide news, and the access to travel the world.

If you attend a Christian College, chances are that the majority of the people you interact with on a daily basis have the same core values and faith that you do. This creates a safe and productive environment in which to learn. However, getting out and seeing how the "rest of the world" lives is also extremely valuable for a well-rounded education. This is true no matter what major or career path you choose. Having global perspective will positively impact your walk with God through life.

The Unexpected Benefits of Mission Trips

You can live without 24/7 technology. Letting go of distractions helps you focus on the work you are doing and allows you to really live in the moment. Technology is great, but nothing beats face-to-face interactions.

Building Relationships. Mission trip relationships are short, but the memories and friendships last a lifetime.

Learning to be grateful for what you have. Helping people who have far less than we do is extremely eye-opening. It helps us to appreciate our own situations while broadening our understanding of others.

Facing Adversity. While mission trips are not necessarily dangerous, they aren't easy either. Facing challenging situations and encountering people who live with far less than we do is life changing. Handling adversity as a group will strengthen each person and make them more likely to support each other after they get back home.

Gaining Perspective. Gaining perspective on unfamiliar cultures is one of those obvious benefits of missionary work. However, also realizing that people really aren't that different, no matter where you go--is priceless.

A Chance to Learn How to Teach. Many Christian college mission trips involve teaching. This can take the form of teaching children, or perhaps sharing the Gospel with children and adults. This allows you to learn, and perhaps more importantly, it teaches humility and helps you to avoid condescension.

Strengthening Your Faith. The more you talk about God with other people and share your story, the closer you become to God. Your faith will also be strengthened as you share the love of Chris with others and bring them to Faith.  It's what Christians were born to do.

Want to Learn More?

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By Mike Harrison | January 25th, 2018 | Categories: Student Development, Academics