The Madrigal Dinner And Concert Concludes With Pride After 40 Years

Great Lakes Christian College announces the conclusion of a tradition that has brought recognition, pride, and celebration for 40 years during the Christmas season. Since 1973 thousands of people have enjoyed the escape to a 16th century festive hall where the celebration of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ was the main theme through drama and song. Organizers of the Madrigal Dinner and Concert found the decision to be difficult as it considered their alumni and the historical nostalgia that is associated with such an event. They also realized the impact that it had on GLCC students as they served and were a part of the program. Phil Beavers, VP of Institutional Advancement, says that “the Madrigal Dinner finished well. We are proud of what this event accomplished in our community for 40 years and what it means to our alumni and students who poured their hearts and lives into the success of it.” We look forward to the opportunity to celebrate the Christmas season on campus.

See our Madrigal Memories. We would love to hear your memories of playing a part in the madrigal (on stage or off) or what our madrigal dinner meant to you and your family. Post your comments on Facebook or email them to

By Ash Harris | September 3rd, 2013 | Categories: GLCC Updates