The Benefits of Small Christian Colleges

Small Christian Colleges Make Your Choice Easier

There are a lot of terrific small Christian colleges to choose from.

Deciding on a college to attend can be almost as hard (or harder) than choosing a field to study. However, deciding to attend a Christian College narrows the field quite a bit.

A good place to start is the Top 50 Affordable Christian Colleges. You will find GLCC on this list!

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The Benefits of Attending a Small Christian College

Spiritual Value

Besides being affordable, with many scholarship opportunities available, the VALUE of a Christian education can be measured in so many ways. The most important one is that your Christian values are not compromised at college, but rather enhanced by the culture. You will continue to foster your spirituality and relationship with God inside the classroom and out.

Secular and public universities and colleges do not provide this type of learning environment. God is absent from education in these cases.

Here, you will be around people of the same faith with the same values. This is consistent from your fellow students to your professors. These people know where their faith is leading them and can talk to you about your own.

Solid Educational Practices

The caliber of education you receive from small Christian colleges is equal to that of large universities. Smaller does not mean less. In most cases it means more one-on-one attention and a tighter community.

You will not receive an inadequate education at a Christian university. They have the accreditation, and they offer many career options.

GLCC also offers a variety of online courses.

In addition, you can count on traditional, Christian-based education. You will not be surprised by new teaching trends and fads that are different from the education you are expecting.

Small Christian colleges are stable. The underlying faith helps to keep these institutions firmly grounded.

Small Christian Colleges Foster a Christian Community

In most cases, any college you choose will be bigger in physical size with a larger student body than the high school you are coming from. To some students this is exciting, to others it is overwhelming. To most, it is a little of both. However, the Christian community is pretty huge as well. A Christian college can open you up to the larger global Christian community.

Christian Colleges also help you grow and create relationships in that community. This can become an important aspect in growing your future career. If you are seeking a life of ministry, then it also helps you to know how things happen outside of your own smaller community.

Christian Colleges Expand Your Worldview

While you are studying and supported securely in your faith, you are not sheltered from the "real world." Instead, you are taught how to use your strong Christian faith out in the world and in your career.  The world, after all, is one giant mission field.

You will have broader perspectives and see how the world works through the magnifying lens of your chosen major. You can make connections without having to sacrifice your beliefs.

Activities that Honor Christ

Life at small Christian colleges includes fun social activities that represent wholesome, faith-based outings. You can still enjoy nights out, concerts, productions, dances, comedy nights, sports teams, and more. The difference from a secular college is that your social life with the faculty and fellow students will not include anything that would dishonor your faith. There are many, many ways to Honor God at College.

God's Plan for You

Choosing a college is a huge step. In order to understand God’s wishes for the direction of your life, you need to pray and listen and be watchful. God will reveal His plan for you in His own time. The good news is that no matter where and what you choose to study, as long as you continue honoring God at college you really can’t go wrong.

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By Mike Harrison | January 22nd, 2018 | Categories: Admissions