Spring Semester 2020 - Could College be for You this New Year?

by Zachary Erdman, Great Lakes Christian College Student

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! That time of the year has finally come back around- the night of the birth of our Savior is nigh, radiant crystals of snow are falling (or not- they will be soon enough), the hot cocoa is on the stove, and college students are finally back at home after a long Fall semester.

Soon, Christmas day will have come and gone, and the new year will begin, loaded with plenty of New Year’s resolutions.

While everyone else is making resolutions, why not join and make a resolution to come to college? It’s not too late to sign up!

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New Year, New Goals

The new year is the perfect time to make important changes in life and reinvent oneself, and deciding to go to college is a massive change in one’s life. But, you may ask, why should one even go to college in the first place? Is it a worthwhile change to make? And will it improve your life in the slightest? These are all important questions to ask and analyze if you’re considering coming to college this upcoming Spring semester of 2020.

In regards to these concerns, coming to college is an amazing opportunity that people of the 21st century are blessed to have in greater abundance than the centuries that preceded it. Education rates are increasing globally in the modern day, and it’s important that we take advantage of these advances as they come to us! As the world continues to become better educated, employers are also far more likely to desire employees that have a college degree, something that shows a person’s ability to stay dedicated in completing a task. Even if you aren’t going to “use” the degree that you get to try and achieve a certain career, a degree will still be helpful in finding employment, and it’ll expand your horizons as you earn it (especially if you decide to attend Great Lakes Christian College, where you can expand your relationship with Christ as well)!

It is in such studies that college provides a wonderful space for personal growth in addition to the intellectual growth that it offers. Not only will college broaden your potential career paths and mental horizons- it can teach useful life skills as well and encourage your growth as an individual. When you sign up to attend colleges like Great Lakes Christian College, you sign up for the community as well. By coming to college for the new year, you’ll find yourself surrounded with incredible peers who will encourage you in your life’s walk even long after you’ve walked away with your diploma, giving richness to your life and strengthening who you are. Though the studies of your classes may be rough at times, the people whom you come to know and love at college will be there with you through it all and beyond.

Complete Your Degree

Of course, coming to college isn’t for everyone, and if you don’t believe it’s for you, it might be wise to wait. However, if you believe that it’s for you, it won’t hurt to give it a shot.

Completing your degree within the world of higher education will aid you in many aspects of life, from an enriched mind and career potential to lifelong friendships forged in the fires of your studies. Make a resolution to come and broaden your horizons at Great Lakes Christian College this Spring!

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