Rewarding Ways to Spend the Christmas Break

Can you believe Christmas break is just a few short weeks away? How are you going to spend your time? Most college students will need to catch up on sleep and visit friends and family. But what else can you do to ensure you are spending your time wisely and working toward your future goals? 

Here are some great ways to spend the Christmas break that could build upon your servant leader skills and add to your resume. 

Rewarding Things to do during Christmas Break

1. Study a book of the Bible

Pick a book you haven't studied yet or are really intrigued by. You could ask your family members what their favorites are. Imagine how thrilled mom will be if you choose her favorite. You could even study it together. 

2. Volunteer

There are many organizations that need extra help over the holidays. Check with your local library or community center for ideas. 

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3. Take an Online Course 

Even though you just got done taking a whole bunch of classes, taking a course in something you enjoy is a great way to learn and boost your resume. 

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4. Learn a New Language

Programs like Mango or DuoLingo are free and a great way to get started. 

5. Exercise

Stay active during the this time of year so you can hit the new semester healthy and feeling good. The last two weeks of a semester can be full of late night studying and paper writing. Physical activity often falls to the wayside during this time. Christmas break is a good time to catch up or get started. Local gyms and YMCAs often offer a one month membership or discounts to students. 

6. Visit the Elderly

The holidays can be lonely and stressful for many people, but especially the elderly. Some of whom don't get any visitors during this family-oriented time of year. Visit care facilities and read books, play games, or simply just talk. Meals on Wheels needs extra help this time of year delivering meals to shut-ins. 


7. Visit Museums and Art Galleries

During the semester you don't have time for luxury experiences like this, but now is the perfect time to increase your cultural awareness and appreciate some art. 

8. Sell Some Things You Aren't Using

Declutter and make some money at the same time. Your parents will be happy to get your stuff out of their house and you will be happy with cash in your pocket. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are two good ways to turn your old stuff into cash. 

9. Interview a Family Member

Genealogy and family history is really important and quite popular. Many websites and organizations are devoted to helping people discover information about their ancestors. Start by interviewing an older family member for stories, timelines, and history. They will be honored you asked and it will give you a chance to spend more time together. Who knows what you may learn. 

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10. Interview a Professional 

Research some local professionals who are working in a career or field that you are interested in. Contact a few and try to set up a time to talk to them either on the phone or in person. Offer to buy them a coffee for the chance to "interview" them about their career. Not only will this give you lots of ideas about your own career path, you may land a mentor, referral, internship, or job offer in the process. 

How will you spend your Christmas Break?

Share with us how you plan to spend your break. Has this list given you any ideas? Can you think of any more great ways to spend your time off? 

We can't wait to hear from you! 

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