Reaching the World through Missions

by Jaelynn Vert, Great Lakes Christian College Student

What Great Lakes is Doing

Great Lakes Christian College is passionate and intentional about sending student leaders out into the world on mission trips.  Every spring semester, two weeks of classes are set aside to make it possible for students to participate if they choose. In recent years, the footprints of these students have been left in Chile, The Dominican Republic, India, and Guatemala.  Only God knows how much the impact of these trips has been felt all over the world.

Right now, future mission trips are already being planned!  In the Spring of 2020 one outreach team will be in Chile and another will be in Guatemala.  Preparation has already commenced as some of these students are taking a never-before-seen Cross Cultural ministries class (CCM 200) on Short-Term Mission Trip Leadership.  This new class is Great Lake's way of maximizing the experience of the entire outreach team. In addition, a portion of the cost of the class goes toward the expenses of the trip.  This is helping students reach a part of the kingdom they otherwise could not reach on their own. Students embarking on a trip next semester who are not taking the new class have also started on their fundraising.

Another trip will send students to India in the Spring of 2021!  Maybe you could go too!

Cross Cultural Ministries DegreeApply Today

Great Lakes offers a Cross Cultural Ministries Degree (CCM) where classes are engineered for preparing students as much as possible for a life of mission work.  Being a missionary comes with an unpredictable lifestyle, but it is a job that God calls people to do. Without missionaries, countless communities across the world would never hear about Jesus.  A degree in CCM enables students to effectively share the gospel despite political, cultural, and language barriers. If you feel that God is calling you to missions, GLCC is a perfect place to start.

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Student Testimony 

One of my favorite things about going on a mission trip was realizing how big God is.  God is present in every part of the world, and no matter how far away I travel from where I first heard about Him, there He is also.  My college experience would not have been the same if Great Lakes had not teamed up with Pray America~Manos de Jesus my freshman year.  In Guatemala, my classmates and I had the opportunity to build houses, wash feet, read Bible stories aloud, visit schools, and play with kids all in one week.  Even though they had close to nothing, they were the most joyful children I have ever met. I’m so excited to go back again next semester! Jaelynn Vert, Great Lakes Christian College Student

Sound Like an Amazing Opportunity?

It is.  Maybe you feel as though God is calling you to missions. What better way to find out then to go on a short-term trip? If you want to reach the edges of the world you never thought possible with a close-knit team of peers, Great Lakes gives you ample opportunity to do just that.

Or, if coming to Great Lakes and participating in a trip like this is out of the question we could without a doubt use your participation in prayer. Please pray not only that each Great Lakes outreach team does effective, long-lasting work, but also that each student will learn something very important about the God they serve.

We can't wait to hear from you! 

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