Online Ministry Programs

Are you being led to church work? You can say yes to a call to ministry without moving to campus with Online Ministry Programs. 

Maybe you are already working within your church. You can enhance your career opportunities with online Youth Ministry, Church Planting, or Leadership degrees. 

Anyone who wants to work in a religious vocation or just wants to learn more about their faith could benefit from enrolling in online programs. 

There are many reasons to consider an online degree from a Christian college as a way to advance your education and career. With online Christian classes, it’s never been easier to learn and study on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Great Lakes offers programs that are diverse in age, denomination, race, geographic location, and gender. However, they have one thing in common; they all desire to learn more about their faith and answer their call to do Kingdom work.

Classes start every 5 weeks, so it's always the right time to begin!Get Started Apply Icon

Our accredited online Christian college programs are designed to be flexible and affordable so you can successfully complete them entirely online without sacrificing work, community and family responsibilities. With online Bible classes, you work around your schedule one class at a time.

Online Programs in Ministry

We want to help you be the change you want to see in your church and your world. Our classes help you evaluate your personal leadership practices and learn additional concepts and technology.

Great leaders are found in every walk of life and these programs provide real-life information you can use in your career, daily life, at home, and serving others.

Do the following programs and classes sound interesting to you? 

Bible Theology Online Associates of Arts

Are you a pastor? On the worship team? Work in church administration? Missionary work? Are you looking to increase your communication skills in a Christian learning environment? Career change or grow your faith knowledge? This might be the perfect fit for that next opportunity or personal growth. Learn more. 

Christian Leadership & Communication Online Bachelors of Science

If you’re serious about a career in ministry, this could be the starting point that will propel your career forward. Other work opportunities include church administration, nonprofit management, and youth group leadership.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you were a powerful communicator. With a solid foundation of communications skills, you could express the values of servant leadership in any faith-based organization or business in the world. Our Christian college online classes will help you build a solid communications foundation, technology skills, and hone your skills that will prepare for a wide range of communication experiences that you will encounter in your personal and public life. Learn more. 

How Do Our Online Programs Work?

  • One Class every 5 weeks.
  • Students start in a cohort group with anywhere from 5-10 students per a course and go through the program together.
  • Weekly Assignments: Each week students will complete weekly materials and virtually connect with students and instructors.
  • Asynchronous format: Students will have the autonomy to log on 24/7 online.

Great Lakes Christian College has been approved by the State of Michigan to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. NC-SARA is a voluntary, regional approach to state oversight of post-secondary distance education. More information can be found at

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To learn more about our accredited online classes please contact: 

Jon Jakubowski, Director of Online and Adult Classes

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