Online Courses Increase Graduation Rates

Have you been wondering about the success rate of online classes versus traditional classrooms? Great Lakes offers both because we know that online courses increase graduation rates. But don't just take our word for it...

Studies Show Online Courses Increase Graduation Rates

A recent study conducted by Arizona State University discovered that online courses increase graduations rates. In addition, online learning increases retention, makes it easier for students to access classes, and in some instances, provide a cost savings of as much as 50 percent.

We think that is huge!

The study looked at digital learning trends and outcomes from both public universities and community colleges. The results indicated that three out of four institutions that offered in-person and online courses had higher retention and graduation rates for students who at least enrolled in some digital learning classes.

Guess what? GLCC offers both!

If you combine the success of proven online courses with the solid foundation of Christian education you get a recipe for higher education learning that can't be beat. This is what Great Lakes Christian College has to offer.

A Trifecta of Learning: Online Courses + Traditional Classroom Learning + Christian Education = Success

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Online Courses Appeal to Older Students

Another interesting finding of the study is that online undergraduate students are, on average, six to eight years older than their on-campus peers.We think the reason for this is because adult responsibilities can make it hard to commit to the schedule of a classroom. However, Christian online courses fit nicely into the schedule of adult life. Students can study anytime, from anywhere with online courses.

GLCC Has a Comprehensive Online Course Listing

We didn't need this study to tell us that online courses are a good thing. Our students are already benefiting from our online courses. Our courses start every 5 weeks and there are many topics to choose from. Check out the information online or call:

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By Mike Harrison | April 25th, 2018 | Categories: Online Courses