Online Classes: When is Homework Due?

If you’re a newcomer to online learning, you probably have some questions about how it works. Watch a video of GLCC President Dr. Frank Weller answering common questions about online homework and get some insight into how to prepare for online coursework.

When is Homework Due?


How do GLCC Online Classes work? 

Great Lakes Christian College offers multiple degree programs entirely online. Each course is offered over 7 weeks. Within those 7-weeks, students will be immersed in an accelerated program where they will learn more material in less time than a traditional semester.

Using an accelerated online learning approach, GLCC courses allow students to retain more content and information quickly, as well as push them to be more efficient when making connections to the material they are being taught. Online classes at GLCC are taught in an asynchronous format that students can access 24/7 at their convenience.

What is Asynchronous Learning? 

Asynchronous learning is a common method for online instruction. Unlike a traditional classroom environment, an asynchronous classroom does not have a designated time and date to meet with your classmates and your professor. Asynchronous online classes provide a flexible learning environment for college students. It offers learners the option to complete assignments at their own pace and on their own schedule within the designated time frame. 

What Does This Mean for Homework? 

GLCC courses run on a weekly cycle for the entire 7-week course. Each weekly cycle begins every Tuesday and ends on Monday evening at midnight. Generally, your homework is due by midnight at the end of each cycle on Monday. Staying on top of your work during each cycle will keep you on track to complete the course by the end of the 7th week. 

Much like an in-person classroom setting, the professor will provide you with guidelines and due dates for your assignments. The only difference is that you will need to self-manage slightly more than you would if you were meeting in a classroom to make sure your homework is complete by the designated due dates.

While asynchronous learning allows some flexibility for your learning schedule, it is important to complete your assignments on time. GLCC courses' weekly cycles help keep students on the right track when learning in an online classroom environment. Always check with your instructor to see what they’d prefer and what their requirements are.

How Can I Connect With My Classmates? 

Online courses at GLCC are offered in smaller class sizes, providing a more personalized approach to help students learn faster and perform better. Students are typically in a class with 5-10 other students per course. Students will often go through the program together and are encouraged to collaborate.

Although sometimes it can be difficult to meet classmates in an online setting, GLCC works hard to ensure that students have access to both materials and their peers. Each online class includes a forum where students can engage in conversation with their classmates and professors. The forum encourages students to communicate with each other, learn together, and learn from one another.

How Can I Be Prepared for Online Homework?

Online classes require students to be organized and efficient. With GLCC’s accelerated programs, it is important to learn how to be prepared for all of your assignments and tasks. Taking classes online in a fast-paced environment will teach you great time management skills but preparing before you start online classes can help you reach your online degree in no time. Here are some of the best time management tips and advice to help you navigate your online classes.

Have Questions of Your Own? Want to Learn More? 

Online learning provides so many benefits to the eager learner that there’s no reason not to pursue it. Learn more about GLCC’s online programs or Get in touch with us today to find the right program for you.

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