New Urban Mission Minor

The Urban Missions Minor is a unique program of study involving international placement in an incarnational, missional community, meaning students will be living in an urban low-income area with leaders and urban missionaries who are practicing mission through creating neighborhoods of hope. In addition to rigorous course work, students will also be involved in practical fieldwork as they live and study in these low-income urban areas. This program is being offered through a partnership with UNOH (Urban Neighbours of Hope). After successful application for the program (which may include a 10-day on-site exposure program, leadership interviews, and a weekend discernment retreat) students will spend a year completing components in Australia and Thailand. These components are taught by leading theologians specializing in urban mission and theology of the poor and justice issues.

Students in the Urban Mission Minor learn the basic, specialized, and practical skills necessary for the work of incarnational, community, urban ministry. Students completing this minor will:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the Biblical basis, historical developments, and current trends in urban missions
  • Experience and understand the theological implications of radical discipleship and community living in an international community for a year of course work and field work
  • Develop an understanding of the systemic issues in urban areas with particular attention to issues of justice and working with the poor.

For more information about this minor please contact our Admissions Department.

By Ash Harris | July 12th, 2012 | Categories: GLCC Updates, Academics