Java Jam 2018

When: 7-11 pm, March 16, 2018

Where: 6211 W. Willow Hwy. Lansing, MI 48917

  • Music/Coffee (7-9 pm): Administration building
  • 3v3 Basketball Tournament (9:30-11 pm): Doty Center

Overnight stay is also available upon request.


Who: All current and prospective students, along with youth pastors and sponsors, are invited to participate in Java Jam

What: Java Jam is a recruiting event held by Great Lakes Christian College (GLCC) to invite students across the state of Michigan to come to our campus and get a picture of college life. GLCC provides great live music, coffee, donuts, and games to allow prospective and current students to interact with one another and build bonds in a comfortable setting. Java Jam is held like an open house. Students are free to come and go throughout the time of the event. Couches will be arranged in a coffee-house style so that people can sit and listen to music or mingle with their new friends. Although Java Jam is not a concert, the music is a uniting, central theme for the event.

Why: We believe that allowing prospective students to meet our current students helps with breaking down barriers or hesitations that students might have previously had. Java Jam helps our current students by giving them an opportunity to share their experiences and influence the next generation. Music and coffee are practical ways to do this in a light-hearted setting.

Main Contact for the Event:

By Phil Beavers | January 30th, 2018 | Categories: Admissions