It’s Not Too Late to Finish Your Degree

by Jaelynn Vert, Great Lakes Christian College Student

Many students, for various reasons, do not get the opportunity to finish their degrees.  Sometimes tuition becomes too expensive, class commitments are too time consuming, or unexpected events get in the way.  This is entirely common. reports 70% of Americans will study at a 4-year college, but less than 2/3 will graduate with a degree.

Online Programs are Prefect!

Great Lakes Christian College’s online programs are a perfect solution for those who would like to finish the schooling that they started.  One can pick up where they left off and schedule the rest of their education on their own time.

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I had the wonderful opportunity to contact a Great Lakes alumnus who recently undertook this very challenge.

Matt Wesaw attended Great Lakes in the early seventies.  At this time students lived in and attended classes in the Dodge Mansion in Lansing, Michigan.  He did not complete his degree at this point of his life, but he did continue to serve the college. Wesaw told me that he was on the construction team for the new campus when the college bought land on Willow Hwy in 1972.  We still enjoy and appreciate the work that this team did for us as we currently live and study in some of these same buildings. While he was happy to still have connections to the Great Lakes community, Wesaw said he “always wanted to go back.”

Decades later, he had the opportunity to do that in a different way.  Great Lakes recently launched a new online program and he was one of the first to take advantage of the new opportunity. 

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Christian Leadership & Communication in October 2019!

I asked whom he would recommend this program and he replied that, “it will work for anyone who doesn’t have time to attend classes, but they need to still be motivated and self-disciplined.”  Online classes may not be face to face, but from how Wesaw described it, I can confidently say that the classes are so well constructed by professors that it is still possible to learn the same material. “It is a very good program and I hope it continues,” he says.

Matt Wesaw is an example of what it looks like to complete the things you start.  He doesn’t have plans to do anything vocationally with this degree in the future but can still apply the things he learned to his life.  One of the most important things that we can learn from his story is that it is never too late to finish something whether it be a degree, a project, or any other commitment.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 months or 50 years later. There are things worth doing, and I would like to thank Matt Wesaw for exemplifying that for us and congratulate him on his graduation!

Is it your desire to complete your degree? 

Or are you unable to attend college in the traditional way?  Great Lakes would love to meet your needs online. As of right now available majors include:

  • Bible Theology
  • Business Logistics
  • Church Planting
  • Christian Leadership & Communication
  • Youth Ministry

We can't wait to hear from you! 

To learn more about our accredited online classes please contact: 

Jon Jakubowski, Recruiting Director for Online Education 

Phone: 517-321-0242, ext 249


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By Great Lakes Christian College | November 18th, 2019 |