How to Set Up a Home Learning Environment

The first full week of April 2020 finds most of us working and learning from home here in Michigan and around the country. What does that mean for college students? How are you doing? 

Great Lakes Christian College students are now learning from home so we compiled a list of helpful tips on how to set up a space at home that is optimal for learning. 

This can also be applied to teaching from home as well!  

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Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Learning Spot

1. Create a dedicated space just for learning. You don't want to have to clear dishes or laundry, or anything else out the way every time you sit down to learn. 

2. Create a comfortable space. The table should be the right height and your chair should be comfortable. While you may be tempted to lay on your bed or snuggle into your couch, eventually this will not be good for your posture (or your concentration.)

3. Include Inspirational and Fun Aspects. Whether you are learning from home due to the current pandemic or you have chosen to take online classes, it is important to feel inspired. Online studying requires much more personal discipline and self-motivation than in-class learning. Hang posters, quotes, bible verses, and pictures that will keep you motivated. 

4. Organize your supplies. It will get really annoying really fast if you have to hunt down a pencil, pen, or highlighter every time you start studying. You can use a fancy desk caddy or simply enlist a coffee mug or mason jar. If you are used to moving from classroom to classroom on a college campus you might not be use to having a dedicated desk space. What other supplies do you need regularly to study? 


5. Take breaks. Remember to take regular breaks. Stand up, stretch, take a walk around your yard, get a snack, etc. You may find yourself sitting for longer stretches of time when learning from home, so its important to recognize when your brain and your body need a break. 

Learning From Home: The Wrap Up

We consider our institution particularly blessed during this trying time with the speed and ease this transition happen. It hasn't been easy, but everyone has been very agreeable and helpful in making this work. Do you have any great ideas and tips for learning from home and maximizing the distance learning experience? 

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