How to Obtain a Youth Ministry Degree: Equipping Yourself for Ministry


Youth Ministry is a vital component of the church, catering to the unique needs and challenges faced by children and adolescents. If you have a passion for working with young people and want to make a difference in their lives, pursuing a Youth Ministry Degree can be an excellent choice for various individuals. 

Whether you envision yourself working in a local church or a para-church ministry, this degree equips you to effectively engage, teach, and lead the next generation, fostering their spiritual growth and nurturing their relationship with God.

Youth Ministry Degree ProgramsRequired Steps to Obtain a Youth Ministry Degree

The Youth Ministry concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Ministry program is designed to prepare students for effective ministry to children and adolescents, both within the church and the wider world. This comprehensive degree combines academic courses, practical experiences, fieldwork, and seminars led by leading youth ministers.

By pursuing this degree, you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in youth ministry and positively impact the lives of future generations. Here are the steps you can follow to obtain a youth ministry degree. 

Step One: Declare a Ministry Major

The comprehensive Ministry Program offers a well-rounded education that prepares students for the diverse challenges of full-time ministry in today's church. Students in the program complete a unified core curriculum, which covers various areas of ministry development, such as teaching, leadership, conflict management, and evangelism. This broad foundation ensures that graduates possess the necessary skills to excel in their chosen ministry area.

Students in the Ministry Program will be required to complete the following core courses:
ministry degree core curriculum

Step Two: Declare A Concentration in Youth Ministry

To further enhance their skills and align their studies with their interests and aptitudes, students can select a concentration within the Ministry Program. By choosing a concentration in Youth Ministry, you can focus your studies on specific areas relevant to working with children and youth. This concentrated approach will deepen your understanding and expertise in youth ministry, allowing you to make a more significant impact in your chosen field. 

In addition to the Ministry Degree’s core curriculum, students pursuing a degree with a concentration in Youth Ministry will also be required to complete the following courses:

youth ministry degree core curriculum

Step Three: Develop Skills and Capabilities With a Youth Ministry Degree

Upon completing the degree, graduates will possess a vast range of essential skills and capabilities necessary for effective youth ministry:

  1. Developing a theological, psychological, and pastoral approach: You will learn to understand and address the unique spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs of children and youth, integrating theological principles into your ministry.
  2. Presenting Scripture in a relevant manner: You will be equipped with the ability to communicate biblical truths in ways that resonate with children and adolescents, helping them engage with Scripture and apply it to their lives.
  3. Functioning effectively in ministry roles: Whether in multi-staff churches or other ministries, you will have the necessary foundation to contribute meaningfully to a ministry team, working collaboratively to achieve common goals.
  4. Leading and managing youth ministries: You will gain the skills to lead and oversee a ministry dedicated to children and youth within a local church, ensuring its smooth operation and the growth and development of the young people involved.
  5. Developing worship and educational programs: You will learn to design and implement impactful worship services and educational programs that cater to the unique needs and interests of children and youth, fostering spiritual growth and engagement.
  6. Serving in para-church ministries: In addition to church-based ministry, you will be equipped to serve in para-church organizations such as church camps, reaching out to young people in different contexts and settings.

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Obtaining a Youth Ministry Degree offers a pathway to a rewarding career dedicated to serving and ministering to children and adolescents. Through a comprehensive curriculum, practical experiences, and exposure to leading youth ministers, you will develop the skills, knowledge, and passion necessary to make a lasting impact on the lives of young people. 

At Great Lakes Christian College, we understand the importance of providing flexible options for students pursuing a Youth Ministry Degree. That's why we offer our Youth Ministry program both online and on campus, allowing you to choose the learning format that best fits your needs and circumstances. Apply today or contact our admissions department for more information. 

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