Great Lakes Christian College Weekly Chapel Service

The most important word in “Great Lakes Christian College” is Christian.  GLCC strives to be more than a college by being a place where a foundation is built in the life of each student. It is a place for “intellectual, spiritual and personal growth” after all.

weekly chapel

Weekly On-Campus Chapel

One of the ways that this is emphasized is through continuing the long-held tradition of having an on-campus worship service weekly. This is essential to our identity as a college. It would not be enough if we simply attended classes together, even though each class teaches our kingdom mission to some degree. The point of the good news is that we get to live it out and proclaim it every day.  Doing so in chapel unites us in this proclamation.


Student-led bands have the freedom to worship in their own style.  In recent years, Great Lakes has been excited to have a gospel style band lead worship often.  There have also been instances where worship leaders from other local area churches are invited to lead us in worship.  This provides an opportunity for students to find more connections in nearby congregations.

Student Carmelina Morin’s favorite part about chapel is just this, listening to everyone sing and praise God in different styles.  For her, “it is amazing to hear.”


Many of the speakers are alumni, many are current GLCC faculty, others are people we have built connections with through their unique ministries.  But all are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus. At the end of each spring semester graduating seniors have the opportunity to give their own message in front of their peers.

When asked to share his favorite thing about chapel, student Christian Baker explained he liked that it gave some additional biblical background to people who are just getting into Bible classes. 

This is another benefit that chapel brings to the students.

Outreach Chapel

Every year one chapel service is dedicated to outreach.  Local ministries are invited to set up booths and talk with students who are looking for places to serve.  This helps students find ways to plug in and fulfill hours. Outreach hours can be acquired by volunteering in church, going on a mission trip, etc. It is a way for students to be encouraged to serve throughout the mission field, here in Lansing and to all corners of the world. 

Britten Wesley (Great Lakes junior) says, “I love seeing all of the people who are working for the kingdom, taking the time to come and engage with us and teach us about their ministries.” 

Sounding good?

Here at Great Lakes we look forward to spending time together in worship. It truly brings us together as the family that we are. And it doesn’t stop there because chapel provides students and faculty unique opportunities to reach out and serve. 

If you or someone you know would like to attend a school that values worshiping together as a family and working to build the kingdom, Great Lakes Christian College is the perfect choice!  Call 1-800-YES-GLCC or click below to apply today!

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This article was written by Jaelynn Vert, Great Lakes Christian College Student. It was first published in 2019 and has been updated recently.

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