GLCC Professors Who Go the Extra Mile

Great Lakes Christian College has always been blessed with a wonderful faculty and amazing college professors.

Pros Lloyd 600

As I talk with alumni about their college days they invariably share the experiences they had with our college professors.

The relationships they had with Keith Keeran, Jim Girdwood, Bob Hargrave, Myron Williams, Doc Doty, Walt Zorn, Mr. Fisher, Shockely Flick, Paul Kissling, Jim Estep, Mark Christian, Greg Linton, Alvin Kuest, and others, were seminal in helping them to shape their spiritual and ministerial lives.

The Importance of Relationships with College Professors

The importance of relationships continues to be the hallmark of one’s experience here. Each year I engage our graduating seniors in an exit interview where I ask them a variety of questions regarding their time here at GLCC.

The first question I ask is,

“What has been your most positive experience at GLCC?”

About 90% of the students reply,

“It’s being able to develop a personal relationship with the professors.”

Then they go on to talk about their favorite professor and how they have touched their lives in meaningful ways.

Lloyd A. Knowles

Lloyd Knowles. When I think of our college professors I think of Lloyd Knowles and his commitment to his students. Yes, his focus is on teaching history as HIS story, but his passion is the students.





George BrownGeorge Brown. I think about George Brown and the many times he has opened his house to the students. I think about his provocative teaching style – no, not provocative in being controversial, but in provoking his students to think and to process.




Dan Cameron

Dan Cameron. I think of Dan Cameron and his servant’s heart. His classes are geared to help each student understand what they believe in and why.





Esther HetrickEsther Hetrick. I think of Esther Hetrick and her commitment to excellence. The students who have been blessed by her teaching understand that they glorify God in worship when they are prepared to do their best.





John NugentJohn Nugent. I think of John Nugent and his ability to combine Scripture with new and creative ways to do church. I think of his ministry with our alumni and the local church. His theology isn’t “ivory tower” but lived out in the real world of flesh and blood people.




Ronald D. PetersRon Peters. I think of Ron Peters and his love of the Bible and the original languages in which it was written. He wants to “rightly divide” God’s Word and encourage his students to do the same.





Mike HarrisonMike Harrison. I think of Mike Harrison who brings so much real-world experience to our classrooms. His instruction in leadership and communication is not based solely on textbooks or what he has learned in the classroom, but what he has learned in actual ministry.




Matthew AllisonMatt Allison. I think of Matt Allison and how ably he communicates with students in the classroom. But even more than that, it is the many hours he spends with the students outside the classroom that shows the intent of his heart. And by living on campus he has been able to exemplify what it means to be a loving husband and father.




Ryan S. AppleRyan Apple. I think of Ryan Apple and his ability to use his giftedness to bring others closer to God. And this past year he has been an incredible example of what it means to live through pain and loss and turn it into a reason to praise God.




Sam Long. Sam is a GLCC graduate and for the last 20 years he has ministered in a variety of capacities including youth, worship, and preaching. Sam joined our staff in 2017 and we are lucky he able to wear so many hats and help out in many areas of the college.




Kate Blakely. Kate Blakely is also a graduate from GLCC earning her Bachelor of Science (Interpersonal and Organizational Communication) in 2008. She is currently in the process of achieving her D.Min. (Contextual Theology) at Northern Seminary. She joined the staff here in 2017 and we are blessed by her vast knowledge.



We are blessed to have such a talented and dedicated faculty to serve as college professors and mentors to our students. Yes, all of us who work here at GLCC play an integral part in making this college the special place that it is.

But, at the heart of it all is our college professors.

Who is your favorite GLCC faculty member and why? We'd love to hear from you!

This article originally appeared in Great Lakes Christian College newsletter, The Key, Fall 2016 edition. It was written by Larry L. Carter B.S., M.C.M., and president of GLCC.