GLCC Partners with Pledge4Good

Great Lakes is launching a campaign with Pledge4Good to support our athletics program.

The spirit of the site is that you pledge a certain amount (to be determined by you) for a goal that you want to reach in your life – similar to a walk-a-thon where your friends can donate for every mile that you walk.

Your pledge can have a positive impact on your life such as $1.00 for every book of the Bible you read before December 31. This is a great way to increase your motivation because you are not only doing this to grow spiritually, you are also doing this for the Great Lakes athletic program.

Or you can chose a more “negative” campaign such as you must pay $10.00 for every chocolate chip cookie you eat before December 31. By making yourself pay for your mistakes, you might be more motivated to stick to your healthy eating plan. Plus, if you have friends and family backing you, they will work extra hard to keep you away from those cookies too!

You choose what you would like to do for yourself and Great Lakes and then rally your friends and family behind you to help you succeed!

Check it out at We already have a few pledges started. You can choose to support those pledges, or start your own.


By Ash Harris | November 6th, 2012 | Categories: GLCC Updates