Every Community Needs Early Childhood Education Majors

Early Childhood Education is important.  Not just for the lives of children, but for their communities as well. According to an article by Jennifer McCaffrey of Eaton RESA:

"Creating and sustaining a comprehensive approach to early education and intervention results in many benefits for the community. Recent research has focused on early education as an investment in several ways:

1) a school readiness strategy

2) a way to close achievement gaps for disadvantaged children 

3) an economic development strategy"

Children who receive early education are more apt to develop:

  • productive study habits
  • socialization skills
  • cognitive skills
  • healthy habits

Mid-Michigan provides programs such as:

Children who participate in one or more of these have a much higher likelihood of being successful in school and as an adult. Our community benefits from this in countless ways--most of all by producing smart, well-adjusted adults who are successful in the workforce and build their communities even further. 

Are We Providing the Right Kind of Training for Early Childhood Education? 

Does your community provide programs for people interested in this field? It is essential that institutions who offer this type of training stay on top of trends, changing psychological advancements, and the needs of the children and families in the area. 

Great Lakes Christian College offers two fully accredited degrees to meet these needs and to fulfill the requirements for licensing by the state of Michigan. The AA degree meets all of the licensing requirements and provides a quick route to this ministry. The Bachelor of Science degree also meets all of the state requirements, and at the same time provides a gateway to advanced degrees and licensing in other states. ECE provides an excellent opportunity for ministry. 

If you are interested in working with young children, we encourage you to find out more about our degrees. 

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