Early Childhood Education Degree from GLCC

Are you thinking about a Early Childhood Education Degree?

Do you like working with young children? Can you see yourself running a preschool classroom with so many small pairs of eyes looking up to you? An Early Childhood Education Degree will enable you to teach the values of Christianity to young minds eager to learn of Jesus' love.

Quality Childcare is a Main Priority for Young Families Early Childhood Education Degree

In today’s job market more and more families are looking for quality childcare and instruction for their preschool children. An Early Childhood Education Degree provides a great ministry opportunity for students, the church and community. Daycares, nurseries and preschools open doors for ministry and can influence parents and children with a Christian atmosphere, while providing the quality care desired by parents. Churches also look for those with ECE degrees to develop ministries to children.

We Offer 2 Degrees in the Area of Early Childhood Education

GLCC offers two fully accredited degrees to meet these needs and to fulfill the requirements for licensing by the state of Michigan. The AA degree meets all of the licensing requirements and provides a quick route to this ministry. The Bachelor of Science degree also meets all of the state requirements, and at the same time provides a gateway to advanced degrees and licensing in other states. ECE provides an excellent opportunity for ministry.

Graduates completing this degree will be able to:

  • Draw on classroom knowledge and laboratory experience to teach successfully in an accredited nursery or preschool;
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of history, literature, mathematics, science and culture;
  • Explain the fundamentals of early childhood growth and development and design creative teaching strategies which incorporate such knowledge
  • Explain the importance of understanding children as creations in God’s image for how they are to be taught and how we are to interact with them.

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By Mike Harrison | December 18th, 2017 | Categories: Academics