Discover GLCC - Institutional Goals

It's important for any institution to know the path they are on and what they want to accomplish.  Here are the institutional goals that we pursue.

  1.  To provide our students a foundation for Christian faith, thought, and character that is relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the world.
  2. To develop in our students a greater awareness of the need for the Gospel in a fallen world and a personal commitment to be bearers of that message.
  3. To prepare educated, faithful vocational ministers, able to lead and administer churches and/or Christian institutions throughout the world.
  4. To prepare both volunteer and vocational Christian students for leadership and professional roles with the church and world.
  5. To instill the restoration principles as espoused by Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in the life, faith, ministry and witness of our students.
  6. To assist the churches in our constituency through special events and educational programming.

Thank you for your prayer support as administration, faculty, and staff pursue these goals.

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Phil Beavers
VP of Institutional Advancement

By Phil Beavers | June 1st, 2016 | Categories: Advancement, Advancement – Discover GLCC