Continue your Christian Education in College

Many students who received a Christian Education during their kindergarten through 12th grade school years want to continue studying in a Christian setting in college. However, this isn't a prerequisite for choosing a Christian College. Many students decide on a Christian education in college for the first time.

Fortunately, there are many options for Christian Colleges in the US, and Great Lakes Christian College is one of them. In fact, GLCC is ranked in the top 50 for affordable Christian colleges. That's good news!

God will be with you no matter which college you chose, but here a some of the best reasons why many students want a Christian education in college.

What is Christian Education in College like?

Academic Integritychristian education

The NACCAP, a group of Christian college admissions professionals, indicated that what clearly sets Christian colleges apart from all other schools is academic integrity.  Specifically, the NACCAP says, "The Christian college views all of life and learning as a whole, to be understood in relation to God's creation and in the light of God's Word."

Non-Christian based colleges, public and private, can provide a good education that will train you in a profession that will provide a good living. A Christian education will provide you will so much more, including how to use your gifts and talents to find true satisfaction and purpose, and to make an eternal difference in the world.

Don't we all ultimately want to know, "What is my purpose?" College students are often seeking this above all else.

A Christian Education focuses on our purpose as it relates to God and the greater good.

Personal Growth

Not only will you be focusing on increasing your knowledge in your chosen profession, but you will work on personally growing as an adult and a productive member of society. This is true even if you don't choose a path in the ministry or as a church worker. Not all students who attend a Christian college are interested in church work. Many want an uplifting environment in which to study and grow their faith along side their academic pursuits.

A college Christian education can provide opportunities for personal growth in many areas including:

  • spiritual mentoring and accountabilitychristian education
  • Chapel services
  • small groups and Bible studies
  • Campus-sponsored ministries
  • mission trips and outreaches
  • internships and service opportunities

Online Courses also Available

GLCC and many other Christian Colleges offer online courses to make it easier on working students. Location is also not an issue, as online classes can be taken from anywhere at anytime. Our classes start every 5 weeks. Click here to find out more.

To find out more about Great Lakes Christian College and how a college Christian education will impact your career and life, schedule a visit today. Call 800-YES-GLCC

By Mike Harrison | October 31st, 2017 | Categories: Online Courses, Academics