Colleges That Offer Online Bible Study Courses

colleges that offere online bible coursesAre you looking for colleges that offer online bible study courses?

There are several colleges that offer online bible study courses in the United States. One of the best benefits to online learning is that you can study anytime and anywhere. If you are in California and the college is in Michigan--no problem! You can literally study at any college that offers online classes without having to be there!

Work around your busy schedule and still accomplish your educational and career goals.

Is online learning right for me?

If you are still unsure if eLearning is for you, check out the Many Benefits of Christian Online Courses and read this great article on who can most benefit from these types of classes.

Great Lakes Christian College online courses may not be exactly what you think when you hear “bible study courses”, they are so much more!

YES–they are offered by a Christian College.

YES–they are online.

YES–they are rooted in biblical teaching.

NO–they are not necessarily ONLY about the bible.

Start a new class every 5 weeks!

GLCC has a new online program and new classes start 5 weeks, so you aren't tied to a regular school schedule. Check out their program here.

Our mission is: Preparing students to be servant-leaders in the church and world.

Program Length: 2 year and 4 year options
Delivery Format: Online
Accelerated course style
Flexible, convenient learning choices
Total Program Credit Hours: 60 or 120
Start Date: Continuous enrollment with new courses beginning every 5 weeks

There is no reason to look any further. We have the courses you are looking for.


Online Bible Study CoursesIf you have any questions please call today to find out more!

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