Christian Colleges Promote Spiritual Growth

College is a prime time for spiritual growth

Will your spiritual growth be supported in your college years? 

At a Christian College, classes are taught from a Christian worldview and spiritual applications are often part of the conversation.
We chose our tag line very carefully and purposely as we feel it communicates very well what we are about at Great Lakes Christian College.
Intellectual, Spiritual & Personal Growth.

Spiritual Growth

I have been asked why spiritual growth is second in the order of the words, implying that it is second in priority. Certainly this is not the case! First, we firmly believe each aspect, the intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth of a person is most important.
Second, we are an institution of higher education and our first mission is to educate. And lastly, spiritual growth is  at the center of what we do!

We offer many opportunities for spiritual growth.

Every week we have Chapel service that typically includes worship music, led by a rotation of bands, and a speaker.
Small Group
Small Groups offer study on a wide variety of topics. Groups and topics have included:
  • women’s and men’s study groups
  • various books of the Bible
  •  service groups
  • topical studies
  • a drum circle that made spiritual applications from the rhythms of our physical and spiritual life
Each group is designed to connect students with God’s word and with each other.

Devotionals (aka “devos”)

Devotionals are also a key part of our spiritual growth here at GLCC. Devos are held at a variety of times throughout the semester. They are held by floors in the dorms, by dorms (Men’s/Women’s), as well as all campus

There are many opportunities to grow spiritually

As you can see, there are many opportunities to grow spiritually! In addition to the various opportunities outside the classroom for spiritual growth, we also promote spiritual growth inside the classroom. Classes are taught from a Christian worldview and spiritual applications are often part of the conversation.
And perhaps most importantly of all, and at the heart of an education here, is that every graduate of Great Lakes Christian College completes a Major in Bible/Theology. Along with intellectual growth in Bible knowledge comes spiritual growth, as we know our study of God’s word does not return void.
GLCC is a regionally and nationally accredited institution of higher education and we are required to demonstrate outcomes. Accreditors do not mandate what we teach, but require us to prove that we are who we say we are. I can certainly affirm that students at Great Lakes Christian College are offered many opportunities to grow spiritually as well as intellectually and personally!
If you know someone who is seeking a great education, be sure and tell him or her about GLCC!
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By Mike Harrison | January 29th, 2018 | Categories: Student Development