A Christian College Communications Degree Opens Doors and Minds

Why Is a Communications Degree Important?

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As a species, humans have the most advanced ability to communicate. However, that does not mean we are inherently good at it.

In order to be successful in our professional and personal lives,  we need to communicate effectively.

Above and beyond our jobs and families, good communication skills allow us to better communicate the love of Christ to others. It's true!

Knowing how Christ loves and being able to convey it to others with clarity and accuracy are vital if we are to win the world for Him.

The most effective communicators consistently open themselves up to many varied and new communicative situations. They are not afraid to engage in novel experiences and challenges.

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What is an Interpersonal and Organizational Communications Degree?

The Interpersonal and Organizational Communications Degree at Great Lakes Christian College seeks to establish basic and specialized skills and attitudes necessary for the work of being a servant-leader in the church and world.
Excellent communicators intentionally focus on improving in four critical areas:
  • knowledge
  • experience
  • motivation
  • attitude

Graduates completing a Communications degree will be able to:

  • Name and explain theoretical concepts central to the discipline, including those applicable to interpersonal, public, and organizational communications contexts and recognize the communication behaviors that reflect those concepts.
  • Assess the ethical implications of a given communication behavior in a given concept;
  • Evaluate message strategies in interpersonal, public, and organizational contexts;
  • Exhibit competence in interpersonal and public communication skills;
  • Select and apply communications strategies to establish mutually rewarding social and professional relationships.

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This article was originally published in 2018 and has been recently updated

By Mike Harrison | April 30th, 2021 | Categories: Academics