Celebrating Family - Great Lakes’ 2020 Sibling Weekend

by Zachary Erdman, Great Lakes Christian College Student

A blessed February to all! The new decade is already a full month in, and so is the new semester at Great Lakes Christian College. As the semester is kicking into full gear, the students and faculty are cooking up a host of fantastic community events to participate in. The most recent of these campus-wide events was the ever-popular GLCC Sibling Weekend!

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What is Siblings Weekend? 

Sibling Weekend at Great Lakes is just what it sounds like. For one weekend only, students of the college are free to invite their siblings of middle school-age or above to come and enjoy campus life and explore what it’s all about.

Sibling Weekend serves not only as a fun time for two siblings to spend quality time for one another; it serves as a great opportunity for siblings who are prospective students to explore the school and its community, getting a better feel for how things operate at the college.

Student siblings are also able to get in a bit of interaction with the professors of the college over the course of the weekend. All of this adds up to a packed and vibrant weekend that students do not want to miss.

What if I don't have a sibling? 

For those who either have no siblings or whose siblings couldn’t attend Sibling Weekend this year, fear not! There’s plenty more coming up on the Great Lakes Christian College calendar over the course of the semester.

As the semester trucks on, students are preparing themselves for the school’s first Outreach Week of the year, a week which serves as a brief break from the rigorous courses students are undergoing. The weeks of Outreach are a unique feature of the school: rather than just lounging around, students are encouraged to participate in local ministries and service opportunities, demonstrating the college's strong values for loving and serving others.

Mission Trips

Some students using the week of Outreach to go on a missions trip to Guatemala, There they will spread the love of Christ to the local culture. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming article on the Great Lakes blog for updates on this fantastic trip!


If you missed Siblings Weekend this year it’s never too late to consider attending and participating in the college’s fantastic curriculum and community. Regardless of your status on having siblings or not, students who attend Great Lakes will have the benefit of getting to know their brothers and sisters in Christ. You can fostering a true family with those who share the faith and love of God and His word through many events, activities and a campus tour.

Sibling Weekend is a great time for family- why not come and discover a family of faith at Great Lakes?

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By Great Lakes Christian College | February 12th, 2020 |