The Benefits of Getting an Online Degree from GLCC

benefits of an online degree from GLCC

With people opting to work from home in the wake of COVID-19, online education has seen a rise in popularity as well. One popular e-learning site reported enrollment doubling in 2020 and an increase by 32% in 2021. Something that popular must be doing something right, but is it right for you? There are tremendous benefits to online learning over traditional, in-person programs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Online Degree Benefit #1: Flexibility

This is probably the first and biggest advantage people think of with online learning. Remember when you could only watch TV shows when a network would broadcast them? And if you missed it, it was gone until reruns. Now with home recording and on-demand streaming you can watch what you want when you want.

Online learning is a lot like that: you can watch lectures, participate in discussions, and complete homework when it’s convenient for you. You don’t have to try and find classes that fit with your work schedule. You can create a schedule that works best for your life. It’s the perfect - and necessary - solution for anyone trying to fit in their education between a full-time job, raising a family, or just trying to have a life.

Also, that ability to manage your time and maintain the self-discipline and self-motivation to pursue a degree while working is something employers look for in job candidates. Online learning helps you develop those time management skills.

Online Degree Benefit #2: Location

The ideal school for you might not be located near you. Uprooting yourself is hard at any age, but if you’re established in a career and caring for a family, uprooting is near impossible. And what if you’re not sure it’s the right program for you? What if you just want to explore a number of classes to see what fits?

With online learning you don’t need to relocate. Working online means you can stay at home while taking classes with students and instructors from all over the world. And ‘home’ doesn’t mean just your house. Prefer to do your work at a coffee shop? A library? The beach? As long as you have an internet connection, you’re set.

Online Degree Benefit #3: Balance

A big change in your life - like going back to school - can be stressful. Online learning can be a great way to dip your toes into the water of returning to education without completely disrupting your routine. With online learning, there’s no need to upend your life to go back to school. That makes it easy to explore a variety of subjects and even completely change concentrations if you discover something else of interest.

Online Degree Benefit #4: Advancement

Employers love to see their employees trying to better themselves in their jobs. Online learning is a great way to demonstrate that you’re trying to keep up with newer developments in your field, or trying to advance at your company. Your employer might even offer financial reimbursement for classes, or adjust your schedule to make room for you to complete the necessary work.

Enjoy All These Benefits by Making GLCC Your Choice for an Online Degree

Online learning provides so many benefits to the eager learner there’s no reason not to pursue it. Learn more about GLCC’s online programs or Get in touch with us today to find the right program for you.

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