The Benefits of Attending a Small Christian College

Benefits of a small Christian college

Some of the most exciting changes in higher education are happening at small Christian colleges like Great Lakes Christian College.

You may have heard people, including recent college graduates, talk about crippling college debt and the decreasing value of a college education. While the economy is starting to heat up again as the pandemic wanes, it doesn't guarantee that all college grads will find a job right after graduation that will pay them enough to comfortably pay back their student loans.

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Small Colleges Provide Individual Attention

Large universities with several thousand students are so big they just can't give students individual attention to make sure they are on the right track to have the most successful future and career they possibly can. However, small colleges are exactly the opposite -- by design.

Classes at small colleges have much fewer students and an incredibly low teacher-to-student ratio. Individual attention is critical to promoting an environment that revolves around the students.

Big Ten and large universities tend to revolve around professors' careers, tenure status, athletic programs, and money. In a sea of so many people, the individual student and his or her needs tend to get lost as the focus of why they are there in the first place. Education almost seems secondary.

Small Colleges are Mission Driven

GLCC's mission is:

Preparing students to be servant-leaders in the church and world.

It's right on the home page of our website because it is so important. We live by it every day so we cannot lose sight of it.

Small colleges that are mission-driven approach education differently. The staff and teachers are incredibly creative in their work. The survival and success of the school depend on each and every person--there is no room for pure self-interest. It truly is a team effort to provide the very best education they can to each student.

Of course, the staff and faculty care about their own career and paying their own bills, but teaching and doing every job at a small college is as much a calling as a job. We truly take our mission seriously--it is what sets us part.

Small Colleges Adapt Quickly

The educational environment in the United States is slow to change. However, in order to keep up with, and literally survive, small colleges have to be extremely creative and cutting edge. Because the staff is smaller they are often able to make decisions quicker and work together easier, because they do it every day. Small colleges are often the first to implement new technology, online classes, and innovation.

Small Colleges Offer a Lot More

If you visit a small college campus you will discover:

  • An array of programs and initiatives designed to improve the student experience.
  • Learning that is much more experiential and active.
  • Courses that develop critical communication, analytical, and collaborative skills.
  • New programs that are aligned with the demands of the job market.

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This article was originally published in 2018 and has been recently updated.

By Mike Harrison | May 5th, 2021 | Categories: Academics