Back in Blue: An Interview with the New GLCC Soccer Team!

By Zachary Erdman, Great Lakes Christian College Student crusaders

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year for a number of reasons- the turning colors, the leaves blowing in the breeze, the heartwarming knowledge of the coming holiday season- and, of course, soccer!

This year, Great Lakes Christian College revived its soccer program with a renewed vigor and a passion for the game, and it got the attention of enough soccer players to form a full team: the Crusaders.

I was recently able to sit down with Noah Rohrer, who plays the position of a target forward for the Crusaders, and got his perspective on the season, the team, and the game itself.

I opened by asking Noah about what inspired him to join the team.

“Coach Ian’s enthusiasm for soccer and for his players is really motivational,” Noah told me. “He really brings the team together. Honestly, Coach’s passion is a big reason that I joined.”

We then talked a bit about his thoughts on the team and how it operates. Noah seemed positive and optimistic about the direction the soccer team is going:

“Both on and off the field, we all work well as a team. Our coordination could use a bit of work, but our spirit is in the right place- it just needs some tweaking here and there. We have a tendency to get pretty frustrated when the other teams score on us, so we need to learn a bit more on how to keep our cool when things go south. All in all, I think we’re doing pretty well for our skill levels, and we’re always improving.”

After talking about the soccer team as a whole, the conversation turned over to talking about his role as an individual on the team and how he wishes to improve at the game:

“I really enjoy being on the team and playing the game as a whole; it’s a fun way to be active and stay in shape,” he said. “When it comes to improving, I think the most important thing for me would be to improve my ball handling abilities and my overall footwork.” When I asked about his shooting skills, Noah chuckled: “Shooting accuracy is definitely an area of the game I need to work on.”

We wrapped things up by discussing Noah’s favorite parts of playing soccer at Great Lakes Christian College, as well as what he thinks the coolest moment of the season was.

“Bro, body-checking dudes is my favorite part of the game,” he laughed. “The contact keeps things interesting. The best moment of the season had to be when I got an assist with Christian Guild by shooting the ball off a pole from, like, thirty feet out. We were super proud of that.”

Noah is just one of several of the awesome players on Great Lakes Christian College’s soccer team. They currently have one win under their belt this season and are looking forward to finishing out the year strong. Their next game is a home game against Grace College this upcoming Wednesday, October 23rd. Be sure to stop by and catch the team in action!

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By Great Lakes Christian College | October 23rd, 2019 |