An Evening with C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis

The College was happy to welcome British actor David Payne to the stage of the Doty Center on September 13, 2012. The enchanting performance was enjoyed by a mixed audience made up of GLCC students, faculty and staff, residents of Delta Township and the greater Lansing area.

The play, set in the year 1963 and C.S. Lewis, the now-famous British author, is in the twilight years of his life. Lewis is in his element as he hosts a group of American writers at his home just outside of Oxford, telling them the stories of his associations, his writing, his family, his faith, and his great love. An Evening with C.S. Lewis captured the essence of the man who created the Narnia Chronicles in an enthralling, laughter-filled and poignant was utterly captivating!

“Truly, it was a delightful evening, an exceptional performance. David Payne so captured the essence of Lewis that although many of the reminiscences were lifted straight from Lewis's writings, they were so naturally woven into the fabric of the evening that you felt their genuineness and spontaneity.” George Brown, Professor of English

“The play gave me an inside look at his life. The evening encouraged me to read even more of his writings!” Tiffany McMillie, GLCC student

The College is constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities to provide quality events such as this for our students to enrich their experience here on campus. In addition, we continue to strive to reach out to the surrounding community in an effort to be known as a welcoming and inviting place for all who reside here with us in beautiful Delta Township.

“Having the C.S. Lewis event on campus was a wonderful experience for students and the community alike. It was a wonderful experience to have the history of one of the most prominent Christian authors come to life in such a vivid way. I am so glad that GLCC was willing to host this event.” - Hannah Allison, GLCC student

By Ash Harris | September 13th, 2012 | Categories: Events, GLCC Updates